Steam Cleaning Carpets Vs Shampooing


For keeping your carpet clean, you always use different methods of cleaning. There are many carpet cleaning Machines in the market and people use different methods to clean a carpet. But many people debate the option of steam cleaning vs shampooing. Because carpet is a common material that we need to use almost all over the year. Having a carpet be clean on a regular basis is an essential and important job if you want to continue a smart-looking floor covering for a long period of time. Now we will discuss both of these methods below.

What is Carpet Steam Cleaning?
steam cleaning carpets vs shampooing

Steam cleaning works off a combination of vapor of hot water that goes inside of the fiber of the carpets and removes the ground-in dirt and other particles. It’s a very effective method of cleaning carpets. It uses heat and pressure water. With steam high temperatures come out from hot water vapor at high pressure go inside of fiber and dislodges dirt, stain, oil from the carpet thoroughly deep clean.

Pros and cons of steam cleaning


  • Steam cleaning is good for the environment because it uses only water.
  • Good for that person who is sensitive to chemicals.
  • Steam cleaning needs less time for drying than carpet shampooing.
  • By steam cleaning, you can get rid of cockroaches, germs, fleas, bacteria, and many others.


  • Needs a longer time to dry after steam cleaning.
  • This is an old clunky method, it may burn your hand.

What is Carpet Shampooing?
steam cleaning carpets vs shampooing

carpet shampooing is another method of deep cleaning. It’s just like do shampoo your hair. For carpet shampooing, most of the time uses detergent and soap. The machine work with a powerful motor with a combined nylon brush to dig out soil in your carpet. It helps for a deeper and more penetrating clean. The nylon brush spinning into the carpet with water and detergent makes a foam, and also relies on heavy pressure to create thick foam that loosens dirt and stains on the carpet so that vacuum can suck them up.

pros and cons of carpet shampooing


  • Carpet shampooing provides a deeper clean from top to bottom level.
  • Stubborn stains can remove easier.
  • This method works very well for getting rid of dirt and soil.
  • Rent a carpet shampooing machine easily.


  • It requires more water.
  • Take a long time for drying.
  • Too much scrubbing with shampoo can damage your carpet fiber.

Cause Of Cleaning

Foot traffic, dirt, germs, and dust can make your carpet look dull, a powerful vacuum can get rid of it. A carpet is a major component of your living space. In order to maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family deep cleaning your carpet regularly is essential work.

When do you need to clean your carpet?

Well, It depends on your household use. If you have children or pets, Then you might clean it more regularly.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends” having your carpet professionally deep-cleaned every 12 to 18 months”

Before scheduling professional carpet cleaning services, have a look closer, Take your decision on which cleaning method is most well-suited for your needs.


If you compare steam cleaning carpet vs shampooing then consider the situation and try to know the benefit and disadvantages of both methods. Both methods will clean your carpet, for more information consults a professional.

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