How To Deep Clean Carpet With Steam Cleaner?

“How to deep clean carpet with steam cleaner

It’s a common question for every user who uses the carpet for their home, office, or any other place. In this article, we’ll try to know how to deep clean carpet with a steam cleaner.
Well, It is a method of cleaning, using an electronic device that creates steam by the combination of water and a certain type of chemical. The vapor enters inside of the carpet and makes fiber soft, so that dirt comes out easily with steam pressure.

Cleaning is essential and important work for our daily life. We always use several types of carpets for the home, office and, many workplaces. But, we should deep clean the carpets every three or six months. We use different types of methods with different types of machines.

Usually, we use a vacuum cleaner as an arsenal tool and have the capability of cleaning dan small debris from every corner. In the steam cleaning process, we also can use various surfaces like tile, and fabric. And steam never harms the surfaces. Let’s know about steam cleaning.

What Does Mean Of  Steam Cleaning?.

Yes, we should know what does mean of steam cleaning is? Well, it’s a kind of cleaning process that requires to use of low-pressure steam to remove soluble stuff from surfaces. The method is typically used for devising before the application of paints or coating. The process is especially effective for removing such as dirt, oil, grease, and any kinds of soluble substances

How Does Steam Cleaner Work?

A steam cleaner works a combination of water and chemicals, Water is heated up to the boiling point making vapor and forcing out steam through a nozzle, brush, or other attachment. For killing germs it works by high-temperature water which is created low-moisture vapor. The vapor enters deep into the carpet and makes the fiber soft so that dirt comes out easily with steam pressure.

How to deep clean a carpet with a steam cleaner? Why is deep clean is important? we should know this-

One per square foot carpet can hold 450 grams of dirt. Because of using a long time, a carpet gets dirt from footsteps, pets, natural dust, and many other causes.  Carpet soak up fluid very fast and pet hair you can’t remove so easily. Sometimes animals and kids do pee and fall down water, juice, food, and many other things that they never care about it. It’s a cause of germs, bacteria, and smell, so we clean our carpet deeply.

An office is a place of meeting, where a carpet is always subject to foot traffic. The soles of shows from different people bring dirt and germs even bubble gum which builds up dust, sand, germs, bacteria, and a bad smell. So we eventually need to deep clean very often.

In school, kids spend most of their time. Kids come there from different places. As usual, they never care about any kind of germs and bacteria that can make them sick. So a clean carpet is an essential thing for them.


Difference Between Vacuum Cleaning And Steam Cleaning:

Some people don’t understand vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning. So at first, you should know about the work of vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning.

  • Vacuum cleaning

    Difference Between Vacuum Cleaning And Steam Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning

    Difference Between Vacuum Cleaning And Steam Cleaning

Steps before steam cleaning:

Before starting steam clean, you should do some work. It can help you with a proper cleaning experience.

Step 1: Remove everything from the carpet
deep clean with the steam cleaner

For a successful steam cleaning, at first, you remove all toys, papers, furniture like chairs, tables, sofa, and any other thing. Clean as much as you can for making space. If any furniture is heavy that you can’t move then you use wax paper, foil, woodblocks, or plastic film under the legs of the furniture to protect them from the moisture of steam.

If you haven’t another room to move the furniture, move them half of the room, then do two separate sections of the room. Let’s dry the carpet and move the furniture to that side already been cleaned half.

Step 2: Vacuum Up Hair And Debris
deep clean with the steam cleaner

“Steam cleaning is a complete cleaning system” is a misconception. That means all kinds of dirt, debris, clumps of pet hair, sand, pieces of tissue, or paper never suck up a steamer. That’s why you should dust it or vacuum it properly first then steam work appropriately on a carpet. Steam from hot water kills bacteria and germs on a carpet.

Step 3: Use stain remover for a bad spot
deep clean with the steam cleaner

Sometimes fall down nail polish, lipstick, dried paint, coffee, tea, and ketchup makes stains on a carpet. Before steaming you should try to remove the stain. Make sure about the stain, sometimes natural option like vinegar is very effective for stain remover. Otherwise, you can use dish soap or any other chemical as required.

Actually,  steam is not clean the carpet, a detergent or cleaner is, vinegar with hot water mix is a natural solution.

step4: Open the window
deep clean with the steam cleaner

When you’ll be working with heat or steam it’s important to open our window for air circulation that prevents moisture from building up underneath the carpet.

Step 5: Fill the tankFill the tank

The most steam machine has instruction for filling up water and some kind of detergent to use. fill up water tank as required max but don’t overfill the tank add soap as directed and make sure what the right kind as the machine instruction.


Step 6: Work slowly
Work slowly

Start in a corner and slowly stream the entire carpet. If the room is open and has more than one entrance starting from one corner do stream every edge finish properly. Don’t walk up to the carpet until it dries up completely.

How often you can steam your carpet?

It depends on your use like if you have children, pets, or you like to get together very often. Experts recommend deep clean needs every six months. if there is a high number of spots or the carpet is muddy then calling a professional is a better option.


A clean carpet can make your home more attractive and gorgeous. For perfect cleansing, we should know How to deep clean carpet with the steam cleaner that makes your life safer from germs and bacteria.

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